Mediating Role of Employees’ Commitment on Leadership Skills and Employees’ Productivity in Kaduna State-Nigeria


  • Zainab Dabo
  • Mohammed Bello Idris


Employee Commitment, Employees Productivity, Leadership, Kaduna State.


Abstract Leadership skill is an essential component of driving organizations to the achievement of set objectives. This study empirically examines the mediating effect of employee commitment on the relationship between leadership skills and employee productivity in Kaduna State. The study is based on primary data collected from three hundred and eighty-eight employees using structured questionnaire in 2018. The data was analyzed using the technique of PLS path analysis. The finding of this study reveals that leadership skill has significant effect on productivity of employees and employees’ commitment in organizations. Furthermore, the findings indicate that employees’ commitment is significantly related to employee productivity. The findings also reveal that employees’ commitment fully mediate the relationship between leadership skills and employees’ productivity. The study concludes that skilled and dedicated leadership can set good values which facilitate leaders to spread and establish high standards in the organizations thereby improving productivity. The study recommends that organizations should have leaders with adequate skills to manage their staff since leadership skills has strong linkage with the productivity of employees and their level of commitment in organizations.

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