Influence of Employees Engagement on Organizational Performance


  • Aliyu Ndalile Idris


Employee Engagement, Profitability, Efficiency, Effectiveness.


Abstract This study measures the significance of employee engagement on organizational performance. The research objectives were to assess the impact of employee engagement on employee effectiveness, and to determine the extent to which employee well-being affects the organization’s efficiency. Data were collected through self-administration of a structured questionnaire based on the five-point psychometric Likert scale. A total number of 48 questionnaires were administered to UDEX staff. Simple regression analysis was used to test the hypotheses to measure the specified variables. The result shows that employee engagement has a significant effect on efficiency and effectiveness, which has a strong ability to enhance organization performance. It was recommended that; Top management of UDEX and other related organizations should keep in mind employee engagement various drivers such as empowering the employees, providing full information, support from the top management, aligning efforts with strategy while planning to engage their employees to ensure efficiency and improved performance in their organization.

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