Determinants of Loyalty among Customers of Non-Interest Banking Services in Kaduna Metropolis: The Case of Jaiz Bank


  • Aliyu Mamman


Determinants, Non-interest Banking (NIB) Services, Customers and Loyalty


Abstract The study examined the determinants of loyalty among customers of Non-interest Banking services in Kaduna Metropolis with reference to Jaiz Bank. A sample size of 394 customers was drawn from the population of the study. Descriptive and multiple regression statistics were used to analyze the primary data generated from the respondents. The findings of the study indicate that the loyalty of customers of Jaiz Bank is mainly determined by Customer satisfaction involving uniqueness of NIB services offered by the Bank and accessibility of NIB services offered by the Bank; followed by Customer Perception involving positive perception of the Bank due to its compliance to religious belief of prohibition of interest; and finally, Success Philosophy involving long-term consideration of success of the Bank. Based on the findings, the study recommended that the Management of Jaiz bank Plc should maintain or even improve on uniqueness and accessibility of its service. The Bank should also continue to strictly abide by its policy of Non-interest banking so as to maintain the positive perception of customers and their optimism in its success in future.

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