Effect of Challenging Work and Responsibility Dimensions of Motivation on Employees’ Performance in MTN, Nigeria


  • Suleiman Danlami
  • Abdullahi Musa Abu-Abdissamad


Challenging Work, Responsibility, Employee Performance, MTN.


This study investigated the link between challenging work and responsibility with employees’ performance in MTN. A cross sectional survey research design was adopted to study a population of 72 employees and a sample size of 61 was determined using the formula of sample size (Yamane, 1967). The simple random sampling technique was used to select the sample. The data were collected using questionnaire with the help of research assistants. The data were analyzed using SPSS, whereby factor analysis was done to validate the measurement constructs and regression analysis was done to determine the predictor of employees’ performance in MTN and to test the hypotheses formulated. The result of the study found a positive but insignificant effect between challenging work and employees’ performance. Responsibility was found to be the best predictor of employees’ performance in MTN which explained 23 % of the variance. The study recommended that management should encourage employees’ performance through assigning jobs that are attainable and through delegation of authority which increases degree of effort and interest in achieving the objectives of the organization.

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