Succinct Clarification of Ambiguity on the main Link and Differences between Leadership and Management – Focus on Mcdonald’s Fast Food


  • Abdullahi NmaNdajiya
  • Bashir Danlamin Sarkindaji
  • Habiba Mohammed Bako
  • Fati Larai Alkali


Leadership, Management, McDonald’s Fast Food


Abstract This paper clarifies ambiguity surrounding the keyrelationship and disparities between leadership and management and explores excerpts from McDonald‟s Fast Food industry leadership and management applications. Desk research approach made up of journals, online publications and articles by McDonald‟s Fast Food were used. We argue that the relationship between leadership and management is tin. Findings show that there is relationship between leadership and management. Findings also show the disparities between leadership and management an Fast Food that the disparities are evident in their approach to achieving the goals of the organization. It concludes that since leadership and management are conceived as Siamese twins - efforts should be intensified to coordinate both for successful achievement of the organizational goals.

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