Implementation of Planning in Nigerian Local Governments: Issues and Challenges


  • Ibrahim Yaro
  • Sa’id Idris
  • Fodio Garba


Local Governments, Planning, Plan Implementation, Nigeria


Abstract Regardless of the system of governance, Local Governments worldwide serve the purpose of providing essential services to the local populace. To accomplish these goals, Local Governments strategize toensure the realization of the set objectives. Inspite these, there are huge plan implementation flaws that affect service delivery. This paper therefore, investigatesthe impediments to effective plan implementation at local government level in Nigeria. The paper is conceptual and used literature and other documents such as the Financial Memoranda .It was discovered that most of the development plans at the Local Government level faced enormous challengesincluding deficiencies in plan implementation, lack of political will, insufficient and unreliable data, institutional weakness and inadequate funding. It is therefore, recommended that the issue of corruption should be tackled as it paves way for plan implementation; accurate and reliable data should be provided; institutional capacity needs to be strengthened; there should also be adequate disbursement and judicious utilization of financial resources. These will enable local governments to formulate and implement its plans effectively towards achieving the goals of providing essential services thereby improving the quality of life of the local populace.

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