Inhabitants’ Attitude to Environmental Education and Management through Radio Jingles in Benin Metropolis


  • Patrick I. Akpoghiran
  • Ferdinand Eloke Okoro


Attitude; Environmental Education and Management; Inhabitants; Radio Jingles/Messages


Abstract Radio jingles is one of the many ways to inform, educate and enlighten people on various social issues. Government, non-governmental and corporate bodies adopt radio jingles for the promotion of products, service and ideas. However, attention has not been drawn to environmental education and management. This study examines inhabitants‟ attitudes to environmental education and management through radio jingles in Benin metropolis under Oredo Local Government Area of Edo state. The study was anchored on the theory of value change, which explains that attitude towards the environment should be predicated on a person‟s value of life and beliefs. In order to ascertain inhabitants‟ attitudes to environmental jingles, questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The sample size of was 384 adopted, however, 377 copies were retrieved. The environmental education and management through radio jingles specifically focused on indiscriminate solid waste disposal, stagnant waters on gutters, uncontrollable bush burning, oil spills, floods and tree falling. Results showed that while there are radio jingles on environmental education and management, indiscriminate solid waste disposal was the most jingled. The overall result showed that there were poor radio jingles on environmental education and management. Reasons were based on dearth of sponsorship and dearth of environmental-social responsibility on the part of the mass media. Sponsorship and environmental-social responsibility were therefore recommended.

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