The Impact of Social Media Networks on Insecurity in Nigeria


  • Iyadi Rollins Chiyem
  • Assay Benjamin


Social Media, Insecurity, Networks, Communication, Internet, Platform


Abstract Social media relates to the technology and platforms that enable the interactive web’s content creation, collaboration and exchange by participants and the public which is an open electronic communication networks that connects diverse people through online platforms, allowing them to exchange thoughts and ideas. The problem of insecurity is a global phenomenon as it is one of the major issues of concern that is attracting global attention and is fast threatening the corporate existence of many nations where mass media has become a very potent tool in the hand of the government, the general public as well as the perpetrators of violence to get across to the public with the social media networks now taking a lead. The objective of this study was to examine the impact of social media networks on insecurity in Nigeria. A sample size of one hundred and ninety six (196) respondents was drawn from staff and students of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku. Data were generated through questionnaire and analyzed with Likert five point scale and simple percentage. Result show that majority of the respondents claim that social media have in no small way contributed to insecurity in Nigeria. This is perhaps because everyone is free to post information in the social media such as facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, instagram, etc, without any form of censorship. It was concluded that facebook and WhatsApp networks contributed more to national insecurity. It was recommended amongst others that there should be an encompassing national legislations (laws guiding the use of social media) that would attract strong sanctions on violators.

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