The Moderating Effect of Teachers’ High Level Thinking Skills Training Programme (Thltp): Can Teacher Deliver their Education Services Effectively?


  • Rahida Aini Mohd Ismail


Higher Level Thinking Skills (HLTS), Teachers‟ Delivery Effectiveness (TDE), Teachers‟ HOTS Training Programme (THTP), Education Services, Moderating Effect


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4th IR) paradigm introduces the changes to most school education system worldwide to revamp and inculcate Higher Level Thinking Skills (HLTS) amongst students. HLTS comprises of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, an essential components to education pedagogy needed to fulfill future employers’ expectations and foreffective performance.This study investigates the moderating effects of Teachers’ HLTS Training Program (THLTP) on the relationship between teachers’ self-efficacy and Teachers’ Delivery Effectiveness (TDE). Data was collected by using a quantitative survey on 500 teachers teaching in national type secondary schools in four states; Perlis, Kedah, Penang, and Perak. Multiple regressions were applied to find out the relationship between the variables, and the findings revealed that teacher efficacy has direct significant relationship on TDE. Meanwhile, hierarchical regression analysis was used to predict the moderation effect of Teachers’ HLTS training program (THLTP) to modify the relationship between the variables. The result revealed that THLTP moderate the relationship between teachers’ self-efficacy and TDE. This study went further to make recommendations based on the findings of the study.

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