Service Delivery in Electricity Subsector of Nigeria Economy


  • Iyadi Rollins Chiyem
  • Obialor Ilelinachi Chimbuzor


Electricity Supply, Service Delivery, Economic Development


The challenges of service delivery in the electricity sector grow speedily. consumers and customers of this sector are in constant out-cry of the poor quality of electricity supply delivered. The electricity sector is undeniably one of the major sectors in the world, and in Nigeria, it contributes largely to the nations GDP. It can never be overemphasized that quality delivery of constant electricity supply is the pinnacle of any developed or developing nation. One of the major criteria that draws investors to a nation, is quality service delivery of electricity supply. The problem remains that while Nigeria has undergone quite a number of reforms to improve the quality of electricity supply and over dependabilty on one source of supply, it seems that this poor epileptic delivery of electricity supply is yet to be tackled and Nigeria's economy still dwindles. Many consumers still suffer the brunt, as most business depend on this electricity supply to thrive. More so the high tariff cannot be compared to the poor service delivery. Could this problem stem from the distributing companies or the government? This theoretical paper while analysing previous theories on services delivery, is an overview on how service delivery in the electricity sector can be further improved, as it equally evaluates the challenges and opportunities that lies ahead in the electricity sector towards economic development. In conclusion, this paper reveals how the government and distribution companies can work unanimously to tackle the perils of the service delivery in the electricity sector for economic development.

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