Understanding Social Science Research: An Overview


  • S. Akinmayọwa Lawal


Social Science Research, Quantitative, Qualitative, Nigeria.


Social science research is a method to uncover social happenings in human societies. Through social research, new knowledge is derived to help societies progress and adapt to change. Today, the concept of social science research has become important to researchers especially for those in the social sciences. Through social research, the social world is better understood as ongoing, emerging, re-merging and newly emerging social problems are known. More so, solutions are derived through social research. This paper discusses the concept of social science research. It explains the origins of social science research and its benefits. The paper gives insight on the nature of social science research showing the two major approaches (quantitative and qualitative) of social science research. The paper discusses the forms of analysis employed by quantitative social science researchers and qualitative researchers in doing social science research. The similarities and dissimilarities between both approaches are explained. The paper provides a social science research process and programme intervention framework. The framework shows core attributes and elements of social science research used to address diverse social issues in society. In conclusion, social science research remains a vital process to address societal challenges and to proffer solutions on social issues based on globally accepted scientific processes.

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